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Inspection and Test
Corrosion Test
This test is conducted only when specifically requested

Flange Test
The photo on the top shows a test piece subjected to the flange test. There are no cracks on the welded section or on the base metal.

Hardness Test
Hardness test is used in Rockwell 'B' scale for raw material / tube / pipe as per A 213 / A249 / A269

Bending Test
Each length of finished pipe is subjected to the hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure test. Each pipe must withstand the pressure without leakage.

Flattening Test
This test is conducted to check the strength of the welded section by subjecting, it to extreme compression stress. If the test piece withstands the specified compression stress without cracking, it is determined to be acceptable

Reverse Flattening Test
The photo shows an expanded view of a pipe interior. There are no cracks or blow holes can be observed on the welded section.

Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Pressure Test
As per ASTM-A450 & 530 Standards, 100% Hydrostatic is carried out on all pipes & tubes using Hydraulic & pneumatic system

Flaring Test
The standard procedure for this test is to flare the end of the pipe to a diameter 1.2 times the outside diameter. As shown in the photo on the right, no cracks are to be found at flared parts.

Universal Testing Machine
UTS is used for tensile strength / elongation and other mechanical testing
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