About Us

If there is one word that sums up who Jai Bharat Industries is as a company, it is Quality. Yes, many companies, most in fact, claim to advocate that ideal. However, in Jai Bharat Industries case, commitment to quality in product, service, and people comes second to none.

This commitment is reflected in Jai Bharat Industries drive over many years to consistently increase its ability to meet customer needs -- from developing long-length capability, custom cutting and end finishes, to assembling a team of extremely experienced engineers and metallurgists who are capable, and many times have, spent months designing custom tubing products to meet a customer's specific need. Jai Bharat Industries is not simply about making tubes; it is about making tubing product solutions.

Jai Bharat Industries also knows that to meet their own standard of service, products must arrive at the customer destination intact and fully meeting specifications. As a result, Jai Bharat Industries has developed not only the most capable testing facilities, but even special packing solutions that ensure that products are not damaged in shipment.

It's all about giving the customer the peace of mind to know that when they place an order with Jai Bharat Industries, they never have to worry if the product will arrive on time and be right

This same commitment to quality extends internally in Jai Bharat Industries as well. First, Jai Bharat Industries is constantly reassessing its internal systems and structures to find ways to improve its operation. Second, and most important of all, Jai Bharat Industries knows that companies are more about people than products.

Its commitment to quality fully extends to its employees, and Jai Bharat Industries goes to great lengths every day to provide a safe, happy, and productive environment full of growth potential. The fact that many families are now on their second or even third generation of Jai Bharat Industries employees speaks to Jai Bharat Industries success.